10 Amazing Communication Modes


 We all have different approaches for different communication needs.

That should also be true for people who use AAC.

and now it is.

Explore the power of total talk.

Photo albums

Share gorgeous photos and add captions!


EZ phrases

Easy access to quick phrases for conversational language!



Jump right to your school lists where you can find everything you need for the classroom!


Break your story down into different sections. As you tell your story buttons turn to gray to indicate what you've already said!


Tell a joke and insert a rim-shot or laugh track!


favorite lists

Store all of your favorite emails, URLs, Movies, Foods, & more in one place!


Use our word prediction system to speedily share your thoughts!


side talk

Hold two conversations or toggle between something you're writing and a conversation!


my stuff

Easy access to to buttons and folders that are important to you!