Most Innovative Features



Now you can support learning without hovering over a student’s shoulder. Draw or suggest ideas on the iPhone and prompts appear magically on the iPad screen - just like watching a football game. Circle suggested buttons. Draw an arrow. Ping a certain word. As Total Talk changes screens, you’ll see that too. All from across a room! Teaching without intrusion. What a great path toward independence.


Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s just too noisy for AAC. Like in a loud restaurant, or at a ball game. Well, that shouldn’t mean you can’t communicate. So just hit the Tele-Text button and whatever you write, word by word, gets sent to a nearby iPhone screen. Even send to a whole group of friends. (And they can all send back to you.) All you need is our Total Touch Orbit app. And it’s free!

Total-Flex Edit

Editing should be powerful without being difficult. Check out Total-Flex. Create new buttons, rearrange screens, control “speak words when hit”, set hold times, and grid sizes. Toggle on/off for word prediction, conjugation, border colors etc. Even choose which side you want for your navigation bar. Powerful. Flexible.  Intuitive. And built to be used independently for those who can.

button editingRE.png

Total Cursor & Total Screen

We all know why editing is easier on a computer than on AAC. It’s because there’s a cursor. So Total Talk has one too! Now move your cursor to where you want to edit, instead of deleting everything you’ve already done after it. Even minimize your grid so you can move your cursor through the full screen.  Writing with AAC can be tough because it’s not easy to look over all a large block of text. Our full screen view pulls the grid down - so your imagination can light up. Then just move the cursor to the areas you want to polish up a bit.


A great AAC system lets you conjugate words using, for example, a long hold. But for a Total experience, add the ability to add articles, key prepositions, and even choose a few standard sentences based on that word. What great power for generative sentence building. Just choose Total-Pop, Mini-Pop, or if you prefer, disable the feature.

Simple Send

Most apps can now send to emails, texts, and Facebook in addition to speaking. But Total Talk makes that totally easier – by doing more than the basics. Our bigger buttons go right from in Output mode for efficient modern communication.

EZ Phrase

Pre-stored phrases may not provide everything you want to say – but they can sure say things quickly. And that has enormous value. Our EZ Phrases provide hundreds of

highly efficient phrases smartly organized to help build the foundation for further communication. Use what we have, or use our easy editing features to create your own