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This week's #TotalTalkTuesdayTip is from Richard Ellenson. 


Richard put together the team that created Total Talk. He was also the founder of Blink Twice, which developed the Tango, and served for one year as the Chief Vision Officer at Dynavox.

Richard's son, Thomas, has Cerebral Palsy. He uses a power wheelchair and he also uses Total Talk.

Richard said, "Having disabilities certainly presents people with challenges. But we should never forget the many joys and successes that can also be celebrated. Making sure those things are shared, not only leads to better communication, but often better lives.

When you create Personal Information,
don’t forget to show personality :)

The first thing people often do when getting an AAC device is to put in personal information. A name. An address. Favorite things. And key questions, like “What’s your name?”

That’s a great first step. But here's a way to go further and help a young user show that wonderful personality you've been able to see. 



Don’t just say, “Name is Bill."

Try “Hey, my name is Bill. Now, don’t you forget it!” 

Or maybe “Hi. I’m Bill. And I’m a Yankee fan.” 

Or maybe, "I’m Bill. It’s cool to meet you! What’s your name and what music do you like?”


Any of those are likely to do more than provide information. They’ll provide a chance for conversation. And that’s how relationships begin.

Or instead of giving a simple address, try - “Hi. I live on Blue Hill Avenue. We have the yellow house. My parents think it’s a good color! What color is your house?"

Let us know what you think. Send us your ideas so we can share with others!
And…. see you next Tuesday!

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