Richard Ellenson is today's #TotalTalkTuesday Guest

This week's #TotalTalkTuesdayTip is from Richard Ellenson.

Richard put together the team that created Total Talk. He was also the founder of Blink Twice, which developed the Tango, and served for one year as Chief Vision Officer at Dynavox.

Richard's son, Thomas, has Cerebral Palsy. He uses a power wheelchair and he also uses Total Talk.

Richard said, "Sometimes we set the bar low for people with AAC, which is essentially the worst thing we can do. It's our job to offer innovative tools for people with disabilities so they can achieve their utmost potential.


The ability to write paragraphs of text is critical for AAC users in school and also everyday life. Whether you need to write a book report, present your chemistry project, or read a monologue - you need to be able to write pages of text and see it.

One of the key challenges facing long writing assignments in AAC is not being able to see everything you’ve written. Previously, once you have taken up the space in the readout, the words become hidden behind the grid. (Or if you could get to a whole page, it took many hard-to-navigate steps.)

We all proofread the messages we send out everyday whether that be an email, or even a text. That needs to be the same for AAC. We should all work towards being the best communicators we can be, which means writing and speaking to the best of our ability by editing and proofreading. 



Simply press magic button, followed by "edit" and a menu of powerful editing options appear. People now have the option to move the cursor between text to edit exactly where you want. You can delete a word, move forward a phrase, or back a character, or even go to the end of your text - the options are endless!

And... you can minimize the grid! Pressing a single button expands the readout to fill the entire screen so you can see everything you have written. This is HUGE. Now students have no excuse for poor grammar and punctuation... sorry guys!